4 Essentials to Building Your Personal Brand Online

4 Essential blog post


Personal branding: the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. Sounds easy enough but where do you start? It’s not hard to do, it just takes time and dedicated effort. Here are 4 essentials to building your personal brand online.


1) Google Yourself – many people are surprised by what people can find then they simply google you. Most recruiters start with Google. If you don’t like what shows up (or if nothing shows up) start building an online presence for yourself that really stands out.


2) Make your LinkedIn Amazing – everyone knows that LinkedIn matters, but many people simply put their resume on LinkedIn and call it a day. The goal of LinkedIn isn’t just to “not suck”. The goal should be to WOW people. Everyone can create a WOW LinkedIn profile – it just takes thought and some research to find out what employers/recruiters are searching. What will make your profile stand out from the millions of others? (Extra tip….don’t forget a professional profile picture, that means no pictures from your last get- together, with your friend cropped out but their arm still around you!!!)


3) Determine, what is your brand? What are the key things you want to highlight? A strong personal brand is memorable and positions you well. Yet many people simply put their resume online and never get the WOW factor of creating a brand that will put you at the top of every recruiters/employers short list. Everyone should know the 2 – 4 accomplishments that really impress people – and highlight these online and in person. Determine the personality and professional traits that really set you apart – feature these on all of your profiles.


4) Think KEYWORDS and SEARCH – most recruiters report searching for people online. If you don’t have the right words in your online profiles you won’t be found. Use the words that recruiters search for in all of your online profiles (especially LinkedIn) to increase the probability that people file you.


It’s not rocket science to create your personal brand online. Do your research, consider what your goals are and what you want to convey to potential employers. Have a few people take a look at your resume, your LinkedIn profile, etc and see if they have something to add. You may be underselling yourself or forgetting some of the important professional achievements you’ve had throughout the years. An extra set of eyes can be helpful!


Personal Branding in 2016: 6 Things You Should Do For Yourself

Personal Branding blog Post

Maybe it is a little early for 2016 posts – but I’m an over-achiever.

As the new year quickly approaches many people are thinking about their personal brand and wondering how they can grow their reputation next year.

Do yourself a favor. Invest in yourself and your personal brand in 2016.

An investment in your personal brand pays off over your lifetime.

Here are 5 simple things that you can commit to do in 2016 to start growing a powerful personal brand:

  1. Craft an AMAZING LinkedIn profile. Not just an “ok” one. Make it amazing. It isn’t rocket science. Make your LinkedIn profile stand-out and represent you well. LinkedIn is likely the top place people will go to learn more about you (it shows up at the top of search). Look amazing.
  2. Audit Yourself – Audit your social networks. What impressions are you creating based on what you post about yourself? What impression do you want to create? Look at your Facebook posts or other social networks from the eyes of someone else – what would they think about you? Are you negative? Positive? Passionate? Excited?
  3. Google Yourself – What can someone discover about you when they Google you? Hopefully nothing too damaging, but overall, what information is out there and what picture does it paint?
  4. Check your Privacy Settings – Seriously, check your privacy settings on your personal social networks. Make sure that your personal information is secure and that you know who can see the content that you post.
  5. Create a Presence for Yourself that You Control – This could be a personal website (if you have the time) or a simple landing Page (like an about.me profile). Create a personal presence that you control that makes you really stand out. This investment will pay off again and again.
  6. Commit to Be Amazing – As you evaluate your social presence, consider the type of brand that you want to create for yourself. Do you want to be perceived as passionate? Hardworking? Smart? Dedicated? Professional? Successful? Kind? Caring? However you want to be perceived, your posts tell the story. If you want people to think you are positive, but you constantly complain about people, politics or businesses, you’ll craft a negative impression of yourself. What you post tells your story. Commit to telling the story you want to tell.

Personal Branding 101: Know, Like and Trust

A reality of business is that whether choosing laundry detergent, hiring an accountant or deciding which speaker to hear at a conference, we do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

We do business with people we know, like and trust - Personal Branding

Personal branding should aim to build and deliver on these 3 elements. In our training program Launch Yourself: Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand Online this falls into the Deliver stage.

How do you deliver a brand that people Know, Like and Trust?

Some people think that branding is all about the trust stage. They ramble endlessly about the professional details and show their thought leadership without injecting any real personality.


Do you know why sales people go for lunch or take prospects golfing?

Because we do business with people we like. Seriously. A successful personal brand is likable.

This is why it is important to build all 3 elements into your personal branding execution. Only focusing on one element doesn’t build a brand that connects. A brand that connects focuses on all 3.


Know is the first stage. Do people know you? Are you presenting yourself in a consistent way? Do they connect with you often enough to remember you? Are you memorable? Are you top of mind? Do they know who you are and what you do at a basic level?


Creating a brand that people like is also important, and this involves sharing a little but about yourself on a more personal level. We like people the more we see them (this is a proven fact). We also like people that we have things in common with. We like people based on similarities. We like people who are intriguing and interesting.


Do people trust that you are actually knowledgeable about what you do? Do you have the expertise that they claim? Do you consistently build trust as an expert who is experienced and professional?

Build All 3

It is important that as you bring your brand to life online (this is true for any brand) that you build all 3 of these powerful elements – KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Create a mix of content that hits all 3 of these to build a brand that people really connect with.